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Smeg Oven Thermostat 260°C

Smeg Oven Thermostat 260°C

Part No: 818731447

Smeg Oven Thermostat 260°C

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Smeg Oven Thermostat 260°C
818731447 Smeg Oven Thermostat 260°C To suit: Smeg: C6GMXA8, The above spare part is suitable to work on the following models of appliance: A31X-6, A3D-7, A4-8, A4BL-8, A5-8, B6GMXI, B6GMXI9, B7GMXI9, C113GMX9, C6CMX8, C6CMXA8, C6GMNNL8, C6GMX8, C6GMXA8, C6GMXD8, C6GMXI8, C6GMXI8-1, C6GMXI8-2, C6GMXNL8, C6GMXNLB8, C6GMXNLKB8, C6IMX8, C6IMXI8, C6IMXI8-2,C7GMXA8,C7GMXI8, C7GMXI8-1, C7GMXI8-2, C7GMXNL8, C7GMXNLK, C92DX8, C92GMNNL8,C92GMNNLK8, C92GMX8, C92GMXNL8, C92GMXNLK8, CB60CSV8, CB60CSV9, CB60MSE8, CB60SV8,CB60SV9, CB61SV9, CC92MX8,CC92MX9, CG92N8, CG92N9, CG92RW9, CG92X8,CG92X9,CLDFRC-10, CLDFRC-9, CO68CMA8, CO68CMP9, CO68GMA8, CO68GMAD8, CO68GMP8, CO68GMP9, CO68GMPD9, CS120NL-7,CS150-8,CS150NL-8,CSA122X-8, CSA150X-8, CX5SV, CX60EMS8, CX60SV8, CX60SV9, CX60SVPZ9, CX61VMLS8, CX68CM8, CX68M8, CX68M8-1, CX68MF8, CX68MF8-2, CX68MSE8, CX6SV8, CX6SV9, CX6SVNL8, CX6SVNL9, CX6SVNLC9, CX6SVNLKC9, CX9SV, FS61XNG8, GM93X8, GM93X9, SCB60MX8, SCB60MX9, SCB92MN8, SCB92MRW8, SCB92MX8, SCD60CMX8, SCD60EMX8, SCD60EMX9, SCD60IMX8, SCD60MX8,SCD60MX9, SCD68MX8, SIL68MA8, SIL68MX8, SNL60MX8, SNL60MX9, SNL61MA8, SNL61MA9, SNL61MX8,SNL61MX9,SNL926MA8, SNL926MA9, SNL926MX8, SNL926MX9, SNLK60MX9, SNLK61MA9, SNLK926MA9, SNLK926MX9,SSA60MA9, SSA60MP9, SSA60MX8, SSA60MX9, SUK61MBL8, SUK61MX8, SUK92CBL8, SUK92CBL9,SUK92CMX8,SUK92CMX9,SUK92MBL8, SUK92MBL9, SUK92MP8, SUK92MP9, SUK92MRW8, SUK92MX8, SUK92MX9, SUK92P9-1,SY4110-8, SY4110BL8, SY62MX8
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